Life of IT Employee

Life of IT Employee

– eats more cakes in a year than a christian?

– owns a set of tupperware bottles (1 red, 1 green, 1 voilet and 1 yellow to be precise)?

– may miss important deadlines but not the essential snacks break?

– even celebrates birthdays of his managers

– gets happier on receiving ‘party money’ from onsite than his monthly salary?

– eats shitty food at parties which costs 800-900 rs just to have good pics in a posh ambience

– eats dal bhaat after reaching home from such parties?

– knows more about recent flipkart offers than his own project

– is a master of availing cashback, discount and freebie offers

– ends up helping the customer care employee to whom he/she has called for help

– eagerly waits for friday every week to show off his dressing skills??

– blows ballons, sticks ribbons on the ceilings, makes posters on festivals to impress the hottest guy/girl from the office (how dumb! No, wait! It actually works sometimes ??)
– runs faster than usain bolt on receiving ‘sweets on my desk’ mail

– talks to strangers in the office only when there are sweets on their desk?

– has goosebumps everytime he has to switch from hindi to english in a meeting

– always holds the door for the person next to him in the office but has the ability to kill all the people standing in the door of a train/bus to get in

– has excellence in getting a place in the lift during rush hours without looking unprofessional

– feels like an FBI agent everytime he swipes the card on the doorlock.

Life of IT Employee ??