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Top 5 Funny Whatsapp Message on Ransomware

We all know how serious Ransomware is …!!! but how people taking is easily and making funny whatsapp message. let’s see creativity of them

Ransomware Funny WhatsApp Message

Ransomware Funny WhatsApp Message 1


I tried opening all unknown attachments on my office system today but no luck so far ?…

Frustrated Employee


Seems like Buddha knew all about these email and virus issues! ?


Ransomware Funny WhatsApp Message 2


SBI destroys Ransomware virus

Ransomware virus tried to enter into computer system of SBI. It could not succeed as someone told it, lunch ke baad aana” It came back after lunch time but got stuck again as someone said, yahan nahi 14 no. counter per jaeye
Tried third time nd listened peeche account number aur mobile number daalo

Finally 4th time …. aaj time khatam, ab kal aana