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Pokemon Go Latest Status

Latest Pokemon Go Status

  • Team valor has taken my closest pokemon gym and this is unacceptable
  • Never knew it was possible to run down Ingram street catching Pokemon
  • Ya’ll nigga’s out catching Pokémon on a Friday night neglecting your girl while she’s getting ready for a function to catch that STD lmaooo
  • How to kill an iphone battery in under a second… play Pokémon Go.


  • My homie said “I have to catch Pokemon during the week and catch them hoes on the weekends!
  • El museo de Auschwitz prohíbe jugar al PokemonGo por respeto a las víctimas .
  • It’s 3 in the A.M. I’m drunk, eating pizza and watching Pokémon. life is great honestly.
  • Everywhere I walk at the beach everyone playing Pokemon go including me.
  • Random boy ; yells* “ayy girl wassup??”
    Me; “boy bye I’m playing pokemon.”


  • If you get injured while playing Pokemon GO cause you’re not paying attention and you blame the game, you’re a fucking idiot
  • Looks like the only way to get this Pikachu is in a battle with a rigged carnival game
  • Yo do you ever think about how many Pokemon the characters in The Walking Dead would be able to catch though.
  • Did I really just walk around my estate to find Pokémon
  • I got my dad and my little brother to play Pokemon Go. I am proud of myself
  • I intended to make a pokemon go joke here but i like this one better.


  • Me: “what should we do tonight? It’s Friday.”
    Bae: “play Pokemon Go”
    HAH bitch, no wrong answer. Think again.
  • Young Indians are visiting temples more frequently due to Pokemon Go 😉 !! Crazy !!


  • Whosever Job It Is To Build More Pokémon Go Servers Lives Matter > Blue Lives Matter.
  • hola wapa te vienes a buscar pokemon conmigo .
  •  I don’t go out in public to find Pokemon, I go out in public to find rocks.
  • Just had a fierce catch ’em battle with a fully evolved Butter free in PokemonGo in the lobby at work. Why did I download this game?!

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